Association of Public Relations Consultancy Firms

If you are looking for a PR or communications agency, a VPRA agency is the best choice for making your project a success.

Whether you need advice on repairing your reputation, high-profile product introductions, a balanced influencer campaign or an internal communication process that actually sets people in motion, a VPRA agency can do it all.

Looking for a PR and communications agency in the Netherlands? If you’re looking for an agency, the VPRA can introduce you to their members and help you find the agency that best meets you requirements. For more information, please send a message to the secretary of the VPRA: Or check our overview of all VPRA members.

What is the VPRA?

The VPRA (Association of Public Relations Consultancy Firms) is the main professional organisation for public relations and communication agencies. It brings together agencies and independent consultants who have proven experience and a good reputation, and is the portal for the entire profession.

What does the VPRA do?

The VPRA maintains contact between the profession and the rest of the world. For clients and potential clients the association is a helpful intermediary that highlights members and their qualities, individually as well as collectively. It uses means including its website, the weekly VPRA Journal, association meetings, sector-specific training courses and workshops, the Dutch PR Award and network meetings.

What are the aims of the VPRA?

The VPRA aims to increase the quality of the profession and to serve as a portal for potential clients and member agencies. These two aims go hand in hand. There are many agencies and independent consultants offering PR and communication services in the Netherlands, which makes it difficult for clients to make a choice. The VPRA thereby acts as a platform that enables clients seeking services to find an agency that is professional and trustworthy.

The VPRA supports its members in their work by providing practical assistance in the form of model contracts and general terms and conditions, and by arranging events such as industry-specific courses, workshops and other meetings. As a representative of the profession the VPRA serves as a contact point for clients and other external target groups, for example the media and the government.

The association is a member of the Dutch Council of Liberal Professions (Raad voor het Vrije Beroep) and is thereby affiliated with MKB Nederland, the representative body for small and medium-sized businesses in the Netherlands.

Q for quality

Quality is a top priority for the VPRA. PR and communication consultancy agencies can therefore only become members of the VPRA if they pass the VPRA Q assessment. Agencies with a VPRA Q certificate underline that they meet the quality requirements set by the VPRA for good business operations. From finance, HR to account management.

Each VPRA member will attend the VPRA Q assessment every four years. Is the business plan in order? Does the agency pay sufficient attention to the development of employees? And how does the agency guarantee a constant quality level of service? Anyone who can provide a clear answer to these and many other questions and who can show the corresponding supporting documents can present themselves as a VPRA Q-certified agency for four years.

Almost all agencies affiliated with the VPRA are certified.

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